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Journey to Healing & Joy Workbook: Set of 32

Journey to Healing & Joy Workbook: Case of 32
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Building on the foundation of her groundbreaking book, Living With Your Husband's Secret Wars, Marsha Means has written an important new workbook for women whose husbands struggle with sexual addiction. Equally effective for individuals and for support groups, Journey to Healing & Joy will lead you, step by step, through a powerful process of personal restoration and growth.

At the heart of the process is a series of therapeutically-designed questions that will enable you to take God's Healing deeper into your life. Christ-centered, compassionate, and full of practical guidance, Journey to Healing & Joy will help you make wise and empowering choices, and move with confidence into the future God has for you.

Journey to Healing & Joy provides a way to work through your losses and pain while equipping you with the skills you need to face the reality of what has happened in your marriage. Use it in a support group, with your counselor, or on your own.

"Healing begins here! That was my first impression while reading this important workbook. This practical book shows partners how to move from being wounded to experiencing healing. Marsha Means’ treatment approach gives partners of sex addicts the opportunity to address their trauma and move toward healing. She is the “go to” person for those who are weary of being told their partner’s sex addiction is their fault. If you are ready to heal, begin your journey with this workbook."

—Dr. Milton S. Magness, author of Hope & Freedom for Sexual Addicts and Their Partners and Thirty Days to Hope & Freedom From Sexual Addiction. Director of

“This workbook provides the clinician a well-researched, soul-searching guide to help wounded partners review what has happened, evaluate their options and make a plan in the face of a spouse’s sexual betrayal. Wounded partners can see the way after being lost for so long. My therapy group participants experiencing the workbook have commented that they understood so much more and could now hope to heal, regardless of whether their husbands made changes to their behavior. Journey to Healing & Joy is the benchmark in providing the wounded partner the education and permission to use their strength to overcome their pain.”

—Peter F. Daniels III LCSW CSAT,