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Have you experienced our support in the form of a listening heart, or participated in a healing telephone support group with one of our coaches? Would you consider helping support our outreach as A Circle of Joy Ministries as we reach out to others? Could you pledge a $5 donation every month? Together we can make a difference for marriages and families hurting because of sexual addiction.



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Websites, blogs, and podcasts devoted to overcoming sexual addiction are becoming easier to find, but finding resources for the pastor or Christian leader who personally struggles with a sexual integrity is much more difficult. This site hopes to fill that gap and spawn more helpful ministries—for example, support groups, phone meetings, accountability relationships, life coaching, and counseling referrals.

This short video is entertaining, and might even make you laugh. But it is also packed with valuable scientific information about why so many guys who get caught up in sexual addiction lose their ability to get an erection with their wives—and eventually, with anybody.

But there's good news: it isn't that your wife just doesn't turn you on anymore; rather, the addiction has made changes in your brain. As you watch and listen to this information-packed video, you'll see SPECT scans of sex addicts' brains, showing the changes that take place above your eyebrows, not below your belt. But you'll also see that the damage to your brain can be reversed if—and it's a big if—if you want it badly enough to do the work it takes to reclaim your sexuality, your marriage, and your bedroom. We hope you find it as helpful as we did.

Watch Paul Young, author of The Shack, as he vulnerably shares his sexual addiction story and his journey to healing, freedom, new joy

Paul’s story helps us understand how early-life pain can set us up for sexual addiction in life. As you listen to Paul’s honest vulnerability, ask yourself if your heart is ready for real change; finally.

Not cheap, but far cheaper than a divorce, Dr. Milton Magness is the very best investment you can make to save your marriage. He specializes in three-day intensives with individual couples. The percentages of marriages that heal are astounding when compared to others. You can learn more about these powerful intensives at his website,

One Addict's Experience

You can now order his helpful resources in our website store.

Are you a husband who is in recovery and well on your way to a new way of life, yet the connection between you and your wife is still missing even though you're doing every recovery thing that's been asked of you?