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Have you experienced our support in the form of a listening heart, or participated in a healing telephone support group with one of our coaches? Would you consider helping support our outreach as A Circle of Joy Ministries as we reach out to others? Could you pledge a $5 donation every month? Together we can make a difference for marriages and families hurting because of sexual addiction.



There is much confusion in marriages today when it comes to the topics of forgiveness and trust.  This confusion is greatly increased in a relationship that has been marred by sexual additiion.  In this 12 week long phone group, we debunk 8 myths that make rebuilding trust nearly impossible.  We will then focus on on the 9 non-negotiables of rebuilding trust in the marriage relationship and how to incorporate these non-negotiables in our recovery journey.  The text for this group is the book co-authored by Stephen Artueburn and Jason B. Martinkux entitled, "Worthy of Her Trust," published in 2014.  The cost for this group is $40.00 per 90 minute session, and can be paid for in one payment of $480 or three equal payments of $160/month.

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If you're a guy who struggles with sexual integrity, we invite you to join us weekly with facilitators Steve or Charlie and a group of other guys who are facing the same struggles.  We call this course "Boot Camp" because it is ouir basic, entry level group that empowers men with the tools and encouragement to begin and sustain real recovery.  We use Darrell Brazell's New Hope for Sexual Integrity recovery workbook.  Not only does this workbook incorporate the best of sexual addiction recovery principles, it also includes the Life Model of emotional maturity, which helps you grow in your ability to form healthy, emotional intimacy bonds with your wife, children, and with other safe men in your life.

Join Steve or Charlie each week for honest deep sharing, accountability, and real growth over time. This group meets for 16 weeks with 90 minute sessions each week.  To get more information and talk to Steve, shoot him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call him at 480-888-5991. If he can't answer right then, leave a voice mail. He will return your call.

You can order the workbook New Hope for Sexual Integrity from Darrell's website at Can take up to two weeks to reach you, so order now.

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On the day that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, they had no clue that, in that single act of disobedience, they were forfeiting the intimacy that they had enjoyed with their God and with each other. Ever since that day, husbands and wives have struggled in their attempts to communicate, understand, and fulfill one another's needs. In fact, many are not sure how to begin this process. I invite you to come with me on a twelve week journey during which each man will learn how to identify and gain release from his past wounds, understand his current emotional/spiritual maturity level, and begin experiencing genuine joy that flows into his life through intentional, life-giving relationships. These are foundational truths without which we men will never experience true intimacy in our lives.

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In this 12 week group we take an honest look at God's original design for marital intimacy, and how that design was shattered when Adam and Eve chose to turn their backs on God and true intimacy with Him.  We address two main questions in this study: 1) Is it possible to reclaim what was lost in the Garden? 2) If so, how do we go about reclaiming that which was lost?  In this 12 week group we use as our text a book I recently completed, entitled "Reclaiming Paradise." It is strongly recommended that a man complete Intimacy 101 before enrolling in this group.

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A 12 week group, using the life-changing material contained in the book, "To Be Told."  Is the goal of a man's life to live free of addiction, or is there more?  In this challenging group, each man will be equipped to discover who he really is, as well as the purpose for which he was individually designed by His Creator.  We have been designed for far, far more than to simply survive. . .God has made us to thrive!  In "My Story" each man will discover how he can thrive in his daily living.

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