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Have you experienced our support in the form of a listening heart, or participated in a healing telephone support group with one of our coaches? Would you consider helping support our outreach as A Circle of Joy Ministries as we reach out to others? Could you pledge a $5 donation every month? Together we can make a difference for marriages and families hurting because of sexual addiction.



A 12 week group, using the life-changing material contained in the book, "To Be Told."  Is the goal of a man's life to live free of addiction, or is there more?  In this challenging group, each man will be equipped to discover who he really is, as well as the purpose for which he was individually designed by His Creator.  We have been designed for far, far more than to simply survive. . .God has made us to thrive!  In "My Story" each man will discover how he can thrive in his daily living.

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