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Have you experienced our support in the form of a listening heart, or participated in a healing telephone support group with one of our coaches? Would you consider helping support our outreach as A Circle of Joy Ministries as we reach out to others? Could you pledge a $5 donation every month? Together we can make a difference for marriages and families hurting because of sexual addiction.



For 15 years I led a double life. In one I was a busy husband and father to young twins, I went to church and even got my PhD. But in the second life - my hidden life - I struggled with sexual integrity and carried a burden of guilt and shame that was consuming me from the inside out. I finally found freedom when my hidden life was discovered, piece by painful piece. After 7 months of sobriety, I was really put to the test when my job required I travel outside the country. When I couldn't get out of it, I made sure I took one book with me because I knew it would help: New Hope for Sexual Integrity, and it did. Now I invite you to join me as we work our way through that workbook together. You'll learn and grow and find your recovery journey strengthened as we continue our journey to sobriety and freedom together."

Pastor Steve has always believed in the power of a team.  An avid sports enthusiast, he enjoyed football, basketball and baseball as a youth.  Later, as an adult, he coached Little League baseball, AAU basketball and high school football. 

While pastoring his thrid church, Steve learned the power that comes with belonging to a team of men while playing on the gridiron we call life.  When his first wife abandoned him and their three children, his heart was shattered, leaving many of his human needs unmet. As he continued alone raising three children and pastoring his church, he knew he needed a circle of brothers who would meet with him, love him, and walk with him in accountability. God used this amazing team of brothers to help him live a godly life as a sngle father.

In time, as his heart healed, God brought along a wonderful life partner and help mate.  Dinner mates for three years, Steve and Kristie developed a deep friendship that eventually led to courtship and marriage.  After 15 years of marriage, they keep their joy kindled on a daily basis as a life of freedom, deep emotional connection, and joy continues to grow.

As an ordained minister Steve has counseled scores of men since becoming a pastor in 1975. Using the power of the Life Model, Steve now coaches men in discovering and living a life of longterm sexual sobriety and deep emotional intimacy with their wives, their children, and their God.

Come; take the journey to freedom with him!