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In order to understand the way God created you and me, I need you to come with me on a journey of discovery. Please find a quiet place to sit while you read, because quietness is a prerequisite to fully experiencing intimacy.

In this quiet place I need you to relax and then imagine the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. Every sense you possess is fully alive as you attempt to take in the color and aroma of all of the flowers and trees. Everywhere you look is teeming with animals. The birds in the trees fill the air with a melodious harmony as a lion cub and a lamb wrestle playfully at your feet.

As you walk along the pathway holding hands with your wife, both of you are consumed with your surroundings and with each other. With child-like awe you share the wonder of perfect creation. Pausing at a tree in the midst of a green luscious meadow filled with blossoms and butterflies, you reach up and pick ripe figs for your morning snack. Continuing along the path together, you come to one of your favorite spots in the garden.

Before you is a small lake. On its surface ducks and geese contentedly quack and flap their wings. On your right a pair of beaver work together building their structure, while across the water near a stunning waterfall you enjoy the sight of an otter joyfully teasing its large alligator friend. All of this tranquility is normal, so you and your wife quietly and peacefully share the moment.

As you soak in your surroundings, as good and amazing as they are, you become aware that they are nothing compared to the almost indescribable closeness that you feel toward your lover and friend at your side. It is as if she is the other half of you. To get any closer you would have to be in her; you simply cannot get physically close enough to demonstrate how spiritually and emotionally together the two of you are.

As you sit together by the lake enjoying the last of the figs and the beauty of God's creation, you share the deepest recesses of your heart with your sweetheart, and to your utter delight, she willingly and joyfully responds, revealing all that lies within her. Sitting alongside of you both is your Creator. His countenance betrays His absolute joy with all He has created. He is consumed with knowing you and your wife. Every morning and evening He comes to hang out with you both, and every day you seem to know Him better and more fully. The only thing that amazes you is that you know Him better today than yesterday, because it seemed you knew Him fully then.

There is nothing between you and your wife and you and your God; absolutely nothing! No secret, no agenda, no thought, no manipulation, nothing. This doesn't amaze you because it is normal. This is what God created you for, an intimate relationship with Him and your "other half." In fact, the relationship between all three of you is so intimate that no clothes are necessary. You and your wife are totally naked and are not even aware of your nudity. After all, this is the norm in your Creator's garden.

But why are no clothes necessary in the Creator's garden? Before you answer, remember that the Creator has declared that everything in His garden is "Very Good!" And this ringing endorsement included the absence of clothing.

What is clothing? Clothing is a barrier, a shield that prohibits the public view of areas of our body that we deem private. In a very real sense, clothing is our way of hiding our outer selves from the view of others. We fashion garments of wool, cotton, etc. to cover ourselves and keep others at bay. Clothing can make us feel confident, secure, attractive, imposing, even aloof. Clothing can not only hide my body; it can also help disguise my inner being.

In the Creator's garden there were no barriers between God and the first couple; there was no baggage in the relationship enjoyed by Adam and Eve. All three of the garden's occupants related to one another in the context of open and honest transparency; no one had anything to hide from the others.

God created mankind to enjoy intimacy. He wired us emotionally, spiritually and physically for complete and total intimacy. But in the Creator's garden we learn that this intimacy for which we are wired comes only in the context of complete and total transparency. Here's the dilemma: in the garden mankind enjoyed absolute transparency and total intimacy with God and others, but only in the garden, and we don't live in the garden any longer.

In a very real sense our life on earth is a paradox. "Why?" you might ask, "Because originally we were not created for life in this fallen world. We were created for life in the Creator's Garden." Paradise was lost the day that Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, and He drove them out from His garden, refusing them any further access to it.

What went wrong? How in the world did mankind forfeit our citizenship in Paradise? What all was lost when we left the garden? If full transparency and intimacy was the Creator's design for life in Paradise, is there any means by which we can recover some of what was lost in the nasty now-and-now of our fallen world? Is it possible to live transparent lives and enjoy real intimacy this side of heaven?

My friend, these are some of the questions that caused us to form the Life Model Men's Groups. I encourage you to register for one of our upcoming groups today!