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As two people who have read the Life Model and used the companion workbook, Steve and Kristie Farnworth eagerly registered for the Heart and Soul conference held in Pasadena, CA in June. Arriving at the conference with high expectations, we were not disappointed!

We both appreciated the presentations on Wednesday, during which Jim Wilder, David Takle, Ed Khouri, and Chris Coursey team taught a variety of topics related to the Life Model: How is character formed? How is community character formed? How do we recover from bad character formation? How do we transmit character? Great material was shared at a very fast pace, yet, because each presenter shared in 20 minute blocks with an application question at the end (discussed in the audience in groups of two and three), the transitions were quick and smooth, and the information was absorbed by the audience.

All day Thursday Dr. Dallas Willard led us on an amazing journey into topics such as: What is spiritual wholeness and what is emotional maturity? How are they related? Spiritual formation as the progression toward the personal spiritual wholeness in Christ. He gave great insight into the biblical and psychological foundations to the life model process of wholeness, maturity, recovery, belonging, and listening to heart Jesus gave us.

Thursday each participant was given the opportunity to attend four different break-out sessions with a variety of presenters. Of special interest to both of us was Dr. Karl Lehman's presentation of Emanuel Prayer. He gave the background as well as the undermining principles of this transformational process. This process is highly effective in aiding genuine recovery.

A high light of each day was lunch, as we were able to join others from the Circle of Joy family. It was a joyful experience to meet face-to-face with others whom had only been a voice until that week. We enjoyed the opportunity to share our stories and get to know one another at a personal level. Both of us are very thankful for this opportunity.