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In our modern-day American culture, it is common to encounter men who are more career-focused than they are home-focused. Why is this? What causes a man to become so consumed with providing and excelling that he can neglect those that are the most important in his life, and do so to his own peril?

This is no news flash: men, by nature, are less relational than women. But are you aware of why we men are less relational? It is a physiological fact that the average man has 25%-40% fewer connectors between the right and left hemispheres of his brain than does his wife. Why? Because at about the seventh week of life, while still in his mommy's womb, he received his first dose of testosterone. One effect of this initial dose was to reduce the number of neuron-connectors.

This allows the man to disconnect emotionally and really focus on providing for and protecting his family. Unfortunately, it also allows the man to become so consumed with his profession that his personal life suffers. Further, it allows the man to "compartmentalize" his life and to isolate himself from others emotionally. It is in this emotionally isolated state that we men become the most vulnerable to all kinds of temptation.

You see, God never intended us to live in isolation. In fact, during the entire episode of Creation, there was only once that God said, "It is not good," as opposed to the many times He declared, "It is good!" He said, "It is not good for man to live alone." We were created for community; we cannot and do not function properly without belonging to healthy, life-giving communities in which we can be honest, vulnerable and real.

Freedom Unit is just that: a unit or group of men who are actively seeking freedom together. We commit to twelve weeks of meeting together once a week for 90 minutes over the phone. We share our stories, discuss a variety of freedom-enhancing principles, and encourage each other as we journey together. In other words, we practice belonging.

Are you living life alone? Do you feel trapped in a cycle of behavior that you want to leave behind? Are you longing for intimate connection? Are you ready to discover the real "you" and enjoy the relationships for which you were created? If so, I encourage you to register for one of our groups that begin the week of September 23rd, 2012.