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At Freedom Unit we firmly believe that a man can learn to thrive in his relationship with his God, his wife, his children, and his community.  We have developed a year-long support group curriculum that will equip each man to stop the addiction cycle, begin the healing process, develop greater levels of emotional/spiritual maturity, and establish new levels of transparency and intimacy with their wives.

Each man travels with at least three other men in each leg of this year long journey, so he learns to do life with other men, honestly communicating his fears, his desires, his wounds, and his joys. (or lack thereof).  It is within the context of such life-giving community that old wounds heal, life-long chains are broken, and real, genuine relationships are developed.

I want to personally invite and challenge you to register for one of these groups today!  Our year long curriculum includes:

Boot Camp

this 16 week basic training is for any man who is in the first 6 months of sobriety or has recently suffered a fall back into addictive behavior.  The workbook used in this group is New Hope for Sexual Integrity by Darrell Brazell, an excellent workbook filed with great insights and helpful suggestions for the man who is serious about his sexual purity.  Each session is 90 minutes in length.

Intimacy 101

this 12 week group uses the material entitled "The Life Model:  living from the heart Jesus gave you."  We address questions like "what is wholeness?"  "how can I attain greater maturity?"  "what is recovery?"  "how can I gain freedom from past wounds?" "how did God design us so we can overcome the traumas of our past?"  "is it possible to belong, and what does that look like?"  "who am I, and how can I reconnect with the real me?"  The footing for a life of true intimacy is laid in this vital, transformational group.  It is available to all graduates of Boot Camp as well as those who have at least 6 months of sobriety.

Intimacy 201

in this 12 week group we take an honest look at God's original design for marital intimacy, and how that design was shattered when Adam and Eve chose to turn their backs on God and true intimacy with Him.  We address two main questions in this study: 1) Is it possible to reclaim what was lost in the Garden? 2) If so, how do we go about reclaiming that which was lost?  In this 12 week group we use as our text a book I recently completed, entitled "Reclaiming Paradise." It is strongly recommended that a man complete Intimacy 101 before enrolling in this group.

My Story

a 12 week group, using the life-changing material contained in the book, "To Be Told."  Is the goal of a man's life to live free of addiction, or is there more?  In this challenging group, each man will be equipped to discover who he really is, as well as the purpose for which he was individually designed by His Creator.  We have been designed for far, far more than to simply survive. . .God has made us to thrive!  In "My Story" each man will discover how he can thrive in his daily living.

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